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Dear Parents,

This summer we’ve curated nine themes for nine weeks of summer break. Select one or more themes and let your child explore the world through interactive games, creative arts, drama, pretend play, music and movement, science experiments, cooking experiences thus enforcing their creative skills and emotional intelligence. Each theme has been carefully planned and designed to enhance collaborative learning and leadership skills.

9 Weeks 9 Themes

  • 1st April to 5th April:- Hawaiin Hullabaloo
  • 8th April to 12th April:- Going Green
  • 15th April to 19th April:- Super Heros and Super Girls
  • 22nd April to 26th April:- Dinosaurs
  • 29th April to 3rd May:- Around the world
  • 6th May to 10th May:- Construction
  • 13th May to 17th May :- Enjoy A Ball
  • 20th May to 24th May:- Artists Around the World
  • 27th May to 31st May :- STEAM Challenges (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

First Week

1st April to 5th April

Hawaiin Hullabaloo

Aloha! Explore the colourful world of beaches, making sand castles, exploring the sea creatures and knowing all about water sports. It’s going to be a fun filled week full of music, bright clothes and lots of Sun!

2nd Week

8th April to 12th April

Going Green

This week we say our thank you to our mother Earth for giving us all that is hers. We will learn new ways to recycle and reuse, to protect and preserve this beautiful abode of ours!

3rd Week

15th April to 19th  April

Super Heros and Super Girls

Wouldn’t it be great to spend a week as your favourite superhero? Superman can fly, Flash can run fastand Wonder Woman is quick as lightning. Come and unleash your inner powers, know your strengths and make the best use of it right here!

4th Week

22nd April to 26th April


Calling all Dino fans! A growl and a thud, massive T-Rexs and fierce Tyrannosaurus, let’s get a chance to get to know your reptile friends. Don’t forget there’s a surprise DINO DIG!!

5th Week

29th April to 3rd May

Around the world

Here’s a shout out to our Little explorers, let’s go globe-trotting! This week let’s travel to different continents and learn about new things around us. Learn to create a checklist, essentials of packing, travel across borders, create passports and get visas on arrival.

6th Week

6th May to 10th May


Calling all the budding builders to create, paint and reconstruct. Let’s get busy creating your very own masterpiece to cherish forever. So let’s start digging and constructing! It’s all about cement mixtures, road rollers and huge diggers.

7th Week

13th May to 17th May

Enjoy A Ball

Whether you’re a child or an adult everyone enjoys rolling and kicking, throwing and catching, our all time favourite makes a comeback this summer, when you learn
new sports and games.

8th Week

20th May to 24th May

Artists Around the World

Get in touch with your inner Van Gogh, explore the Picasso in you! Let’s create wonders with a paintbrush and a canvas by learning art techniques used by world-famous artists. Create your masterpiece with an aboriginal art from Australia, masks from Africa and many more.

9th Week

27th May to 31st May

STEAM Challenges

(Science Technology Engineering Art Math)
Big Things come from Small Ideas! The world is your laboratory and your surroundings are your canvas, so let’s put ideas together to learn something unique.

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