Our approach isn’t unidimensional. We’ve taken our learnings with renowned early childhood pedagogies like Montessori and Kindergarten, and incorporated them into our methods. Not before making them relevant for our children today.

Everything we do is built on the four pillars of the Chinmaya Vision Program.



  • Theme-based learning

  • Curriculum built on familiar and relatable themes for holistic learning


  • Centre-based learning

  • Active learning, going through the different learning centres: Alpha Centre, Math Centre, Theme Centre & Language Development Program (LDP) Centre, Hindi and Marathi Centre.

The pedagogy of Integrated learning is incorporated for holistic learning.

When we teach a child about a plant’s life cycle, we also get them to collect data. We teach them about sequences and progression by counting the number of leaves they see each day. We level up their vocabulary by getting them to name the parts of the plant.  

Many skills. One activity.
Truly holistic learning.

The Bear Hunt Song.
A classic example of this approach.

What it does

  • Encourages imaginative play and creativity
  • Gets them moving through dance and rhythm
  • Develops auditory memory skills 
  • Creates phonetic awareness
  • Teaches prepositions
  • Teaches directions and basic geography
  • Teaches sequencing and order
  • Teaches them to face their fears

The Reggio Emilia method, with its emphasis on self-learning and self-discovery, is at the very foundation of our curriculum.

Children express themselves in a hundred different languages. Painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing, pretend play. Each of these languages is equally important. Just as play is in the learning process.

We give a lot of importance to observation and documentation. And focus on building responsibility and ownership.

It starts with our Integrated Settling Plan, developed to help pre-schoolers adjust to the new environment and overcome separation anxiety. From their first day, Little Aryans are taught differently. Science is taught through music. Mathematics with history. English with art and craft.

A holistic approach without subject barriers.Exactly what children need today.

Happy Child, Happy Nation

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